Kids Winter Gear - When & What to Buy

Winter is Coming! (Any other Game of Thrones fans??) But in all seriousness, Winter is coming or has already come for many of us. Having the right gear for your Kids is so important.

Keeping your Kids warm, dry and comfortable is of the upmost importance to us Parents! We also know how important it is to have items that are easy to put on and encourage Outdoor play time during the Winter. 

Our Winter gear is in and selling quick! So what do you buy and why? We've put together informative videos to give quick tips on how to size, what brands we recommend and when to buy these items. (We recommend sooner, rather than later!)

We love all things Obermeyer & Kombi. Snag Winter Jackets and Snow Pants that will last your Kids two Winter seasons with Obermeyer's iGrow technology. Then add on Toques and Mitts from our friends at Kombi!

Check out more on Obermeyer here.

Wondering how to size your Kids for Winter Boots?! We are experts at sizing Kids' feet and helping you find the perfect Winter Boot. Watch here for tips on sizing and little Kids Winter boot brands. 

Did you know that we carry Winter Boots for Kids up to shoe size 8! Watch here for more on our older Kids Winter boot brands. 

Find all you need for your Kids this Winter season with HSKT Kids. Have questions - reach out to us via our website chats, e-mail, phone or in store. 

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