Djeco Gatoloco Game

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In the center of the table are 4 piles of “challenge” cards of different colors. Each player has 1 card of each color and secretly decides which challenge card they want to win. To do this, he chooses the color card corresponding to the desired challenge card and places it face down in front of him.

At the same time all the players turn over their cards. If 2 players have chosen the same card, they carry out the challenge: make a house of cards without trembling, keep their card balanced on their heads… The first to pass the challenge wins the card The first to record 15 points wins!

The game contains: 24 “challenge” cards: 6 challenges per color, 4 colors: blue, orange, red, green, 30 game cards: 6 sets of 5 cards: 1 blue + 1 orange + 1 red + 1 green + 1 gray and the rules of the game.