Djeco Naval Battleship Game

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The classic touch and go game, in a magnetic version with a simplified coordinate system designed for younger players. The first player to sink all of his opponent's ships before all of his own wins.

Includes: 2 magnetic boards, 2 sets of 5 magnetic boats, 22 blue pieces, 18 red pieces, 16 model cards, 2 wooden bases and game rules.
Thick, glossy cardboard elements, nicely illustrated.
Magnets strong enough to hold the elements in place, but not to interfere with handling.
Replaces traditional coordinates with simplified symbol/color coding: e.g., whale/blue instead of b3.
Learn to ask questions using coordinates to narrow the search and find the enemy's position.
Promotes verbal expression and exercises dexterity, visual discrimination, understanding of spatial relationships and logical thinking.
A great gift, in a lovely decorative silhouette box, to play "like the big boys".
A travel game that appeals to young and old alike.
Games of about 10 minutes. Can be played with 2 players.

Recommended age: 5 years +.