Vacation Vibes: Essential Packing List for a Family-Friendly Vacation

Do you have any upcoming vacation plans? Whether you’re jetting off for a beach vacation, Disney, or any other sort of sunny getaway, chances are you might be stressing a bit about what you need to pack for your little one. 

Vacations can be exciting opportunities to make new memories as a family. Here are some tips to make yours even more memorable (& hopefully smooth sailing)!


Kids can grow fast, but we often forget to switch out the sandals that have been in the closet since last summer in time for a vacation. Bringing footwear that fits is important, especially for busy kids who are constantly on the go. Remember to try on shoes a couple weeks before travel, and make sure that your child is able to walk, run and play in them without any rubbing or discomfort. For older children, make sure that they are able to put on the shoes by themselves. Vacations can be busy, so having your child be able to put their shoes on quickly and confidently can save time and stress. 


No one looks cooler than a kid in sunglasses! Not only are tiny sunglasses adorable, but t

hey are a key tool for protecting your child from UV rays. It can be tricky to keep them on, but letting them pick out their pair and wearing sunglasses yourself can encourage your child to rock their sunnies.


Hats are incredibly important in warm climates. If your child is prone to removing them, hats with a strap can keep them secured, while hats with an earflap provide sun protection to the ears and the back of the head. If your little one is a budding fashionista, let them pick what kind of hat to wear – including them in the decision will make it more likely for them to keep the hat on. If your child likes to mix things up, opt for a hat with a reversible print!

Beach Accessories

While hotel towels can be great for some things, you’re going to want to bring a packable, soft and sand-resistant towel for those days on the beach or by the pool. We love the Dock and Bay towels, with fun prints, that fold up really well and a travel bag that little ones can help carry. Also on the packing list: swimwear! Nobody wants to forget their bathing suits. Bringing multiple suits is always a great idea; in our opinion, swimwear is not something that you can overpack. We’re also huge fans of bringing a cover-up or extra clothes to the beach. Sometimes plans change, and it’s good to be prepared! 

Travel Activities

Travelling is fun, but the plane ride to your destination can be chaotic when travelling with excited children. Consider bringing a small variety of toys to keep your little one occupied. Engaging their senses with unique items such as scented stickers, interactive board books, and fidget toys can keep children occupied and content. Try any of our Ooly craft items as a surprise activity on the plane!

All the Snacks

Snacks are a great distraction. When going to a new destination, children can sometimes be wary of trying local food. Although it is definitely important to try new things, be sure to have a couple of staples that your child is guaranteed to eat. On planes, bring a couple of lollipops: sucking on one can reduce discomfort associated with changes in cabin pressure. And because lollipops take a while to eat, they will keep your child occupied!

Dressing for Travel

Another helpful tip for plane or car travel is to dress comfortably. It is also a good choice to pack a separate outfit in your carry-on for both yourself and your child. You never know what could happen, and it is important to be prepared so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Our favourite travel outfits are from Posh Peanut! What kid wouldn’t be excited to wear PJ’s on the plane?! 😉

We hope that you enjoy your travels, wherever they may be! Don’t forget to enjoy, make precious memories with your littles and soak up the sun ☀️ .

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