PicassoTiles All-In-One Art Easel with Accessories

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SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY- This 360° dual whiteboard and chalkboard offers more than one way to play.  Allow your children to draw or write anything on the board which can be cleaned easily, spot-free. Perfect for multiple artists to use at the same time.

ONE FOR ALL- Legs adjust to different heights with easy-to-use and safe knobs for your toddler from age 2 to 10-years old.

100% SAFE MATERIAL- The easel is waterproof and certified non-toxic with a long-lasting durability that comes with everything your kids need for drawing.

In The Box:
 - 1 Large 360° dual whiteboard and chalkboard
 - 4 Markers in blue, black, red, and green,
 - 1 Eraser for both whiteboard and blackboard,
 - 2 Boxes of chalks
 - 1 Chalk holder
 - 12 Magnets
 - 2 Marker storage cups
 - 1 Large storage tray